Live Out your Secret Fantasy

Think along these lines...

Have you ever wanted to be captured by Catwoman ? 

Maybe interrogated by NIkita or Madeline ?

Or brought to justice by Domino ?

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and elaborate role play is one of my favorite ways to session. 

I love the challenge of a heavy role play scene .. and honestly what little girl doesn't want to be an actress when she grows up. I get to do that in a fantasy session with you. What fun !

But I must remind you ... these are NOT escort sessions. But if you behave well and play your part there will be a helping hand for you. 

I have a natural talent for this type of scene which comes from my genuine enjoyment of "putting on a show" and my  intellect  combined with artistic creativity. 

Due to the fact that these kinds of sessions require more time and collaboration by email and are more prop and labor intensive (I actually study for the role in advance and set the stage with props/clothing etc) , they are of course subject to a higher donation.  I go the extra mile and do a lot of preparation for this type of session and my rates are reflective of that. See the  tribute page.

Disclaimer: The weapons used in this photo shoot were fake props only.