Ottawa Dominatrix Mistress Pandora

It's in My nature

For Me being in session is like putting on  comfortable (stiletto) shoes. Although it is important that you provide insight into your interests and limits, my sessions evolve naturally as I play off the energy in the room. 

No, I don't have an dungeon. I have never had one , nor needed one in the over 10 yrs I have been a professional Ottawa Dominatrix. I have small equipment and a LARGE imagination !

No, I don't wear all latex either .  I wear whatever makes me feel happy , confident and suits my purposes.

Even if you are not a beginner I suggest reading the beginners page for a little deeper understanding of what I am about.    Mistress Pandora 

BDSM Activities & Fetishes & Kinks

There is so much variety and individuality...

I offer a variety of activities . The list would be to long to post so,  I ask you to elaborate on your interests in my contact form.. keeping in mind that I do not have a dungeon with large equipment.  If you have any specialty items you enjoy you are welcome to bring them . 

If you are a newbie and not really sure what you enjoy that's ok also.  I can work with that . Just indicate that when you contact Me.

I do tend to gravitate more towards sensual Domination ( NO escort services )  and role play and an intensity level of mild to moderate pain and punishment BUT I am open to many things and quite capable of a harder session so just ask Me. If I don't offer it or am not comfortable with it I will tell you.