The Exchange Between Dominatrix & submissive

Trust & Respect

 con·duct noun: conduct

  1. 1. the manner in which a person behaves, especially on a particular occasion or in a particular context
  2. synonyms: behavior, performance, demeanor

Safe, Sane and Consensual

I will always respect your limits and your safety and privacy is of the  utmost importance to Me. 

In Return...

When booking I expect that you will :

Be duly respectful  including addressing me as Mistress , Miss or Ma'am

Be mindful of My time and keep your email brief. I do require some information regarding your interests but I am not here to indulge in your  free fantasy email chat.

Include all the required booking information the FIRST time. 

If you do not feel you are ready to book .. wait until you are ready before contacting Me. I have a great deal of patience for beginners. I do not have a great deal of patience for "no-shows"

Be honest with Me about your interests or concerns. I have very good instincts but clear communication on your part will help to create a session that is perfect and unique to you.

When your appointment arrives I expect that you will  :

Arrive on time , not late OR early.

Follow any directions regarding confirmations and parking.

Be clean and groomed.

During your session:

I expect that you be obedient and respectful. This means that you will address Me properly, not speak out of turn, nor attempt any sexual overtures.

Although I do reward you with a hand release for good behavior.. be clear my clothes stay on and I do not offer escort services.