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A word about security

You can be assured ...

This website uses secure SSL encryption and furthermore the email application I use is also encrypted. 

Simply put .. your information is protected from hackers, phishing,  and also your information is never released to third parties.

Policy For All Is Impacted By Those Who Are Not Serious

For new clients...ONE of the following may be required when booking your first appointment

This will be determined on a case by case basis and based on a number of factors. I will not get into a lengthy discussion with you about what my screening involves. This is not up for negotiation or debate. If I feel further screening information or a deposit is required to show  that you intend to follow through on your appointment …. you can either respect that I am running a business and comply , or choose to see another Dominatrix. If you try and argue with Me about My policies you will be blocked.

So the next time your buddy is joking about how he "screwed over" the Dominatrix, Escort or Massage provider by wasting her time with dirty chat or being a no show.... Please remind him that he screwed you over too,  because now many providers are asking for more detailed screening info and a deposit on new sessions.


A 20% deposit prior to booking.  This is payable by e-transfer.

Interac e-transfer is a highly safe and discreet way to send a deposit. 

For more info


A reference from any kind of adult provider you have seen recently who will remember you and be able to vouch for you. Please ask her permission  first. Most providers will have no problem with this. It is often done in this business. 

Please provide Me with:  

The providers  name and contact info and valid link to her ad or website or social media.   

Verification may take up to 48 hrs depending on how quickly I am able to get a reply from the provider. 

Booking is done by submitting the form below

Please provide a VALID email address for Me to reply to. Answer all fields with a brief response. you can further elaborate at the end. NO scat or blood play. Cancellations less then 24hrs are subject to a $50 fee payable prior to re booking.

Most enquiries will get an email reply in 24 - 48 hrs

I generally do not offer same day sessions so it is strongly advised that you plan your play time a few days in advance. 

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